Liz Cheney is No Church Girl and Certainly Not a Hero

karl marx junior
4 min readOct 6, 2022

Let’s stop praising Republican politicians simply for acknowledging reality

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During an interview with the Texas Tribune last week, Cheney said, “we owe [Mike Pence] a huge gratitude because he did the right thing that day.”

Let’s stop accolading Republicans for not trying to overthrow the government, as if this is some higher virtue, instead of the bare minimum. Pence still can’t even publicly criticize his former boss, at least not by name, after a mob of radicalized MAGA rioters tried to hang him from the gallows. If this isn’t the most brazen display of cowardice, I don’t know what is.

Republicans keep pushing the boundaries of allowable political discourse further into absurdity, to the point where, simply challenging Trump’s baseless claims of fraud will destroy your political ambitions overnight.

Liz Cheney, once a prominent cheerleader for and propagator of the lies used to sell the Iraq War, is now seen as the bastion for morality and integrity — at least in eyes of the “Liberal Media.”

Let’s not forget: this is a person who fervently opposes same-sex marriage, despite her own sister being happily married to another woman.

Even during her 2014 Wyoming Senate race, her sister, Mary, called her out for being a homophobe, saying she was on the “wrong side of history” (tough to argue with that). Dick Cheney even defended Liz, to no one’s surprise, ultimately choosing politics over family.

Considering dozens of prominent Republicans also hold viciously anti-gay sentiments, despite having a LGBT family member, this is hardly the most hypocritical part of Liz Cheney.

Here’s what is: Cheney is not actually mad that Donald Trump and the Republican party are actively trying to delegitimize our democratic process. She voted for him in both election cycles, and enthusiastically supported his entire calamitous presidency, despite his incessant lies, indecency, racism, and corruption.

It’s not an appropriate defense to say “well, he’s the party leader.” Cheney didn’t care about her country in the months leading up to January 6th, so why is she all of a sudden a patriot now?

If she really cared so much about…

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